La Quinta Property Management Inspection List

Inspection List – on each visit

During each visit to your home, we will make a complete exterior and interior inspection for any problems that may exist or any maintenance irregularities that have occurred.  Below is the “Per Visit Inspection List” used each time we visit your home.


Upon your request, we will open your home for you or your guests! We check your home thoroughly to make it ready for your family or your guests. We will adjust the A/C to a temperature that is requested. We turn on some lights, the TV, and heat up the pool/jacuzzi at your request.  Normally we do a shine of your furniture and flat surfaces, if needed,  just prior to your arrival.  Anything that you wish is our desire!



Upon your departure, we will reverse the Opening Process and close your home.  The procedure for a short vacation or a long one will be different so we need to know how long you will be gone!


  • Lawn- Visual Inspection
  • Landscaping- Visual Inspection
  • Security Check- Visual Inspection
  • Damage Check- Visual Inspection
  • Newspaper-Fliers- Pick up/Remove
  • Pests- Visual Inspection
  • Check BBQ- Have cleaned if necessary.

Pool Inspection

  • Check pool controls
  • Make sure the pool has been skimmed and the filters are clean
  • Check Jacuzzi
  • Preform any instructions given to us by owner for arrival and departure.

Interior Systems:

  • Security System- Set Alarm System
  • Security Check- Doors and Windows
  • Air Conditioning- Settings
  • Circuit Breakers- Visual Inspection
  • Check in-house sprinkler system for leaks


  • Sink- Moisture under Sink
  • Refrigerator- Operation and Settings
  • Faucets- Run and check for Leaks
  • Dishwasher- Check for Leaks
  • Garbage Disposal- Operate and Run Water


  • Sinks- Check for Leaks and Moisture
  • Showers and Tubs- Check for Leaks and Moisture
  • Toilets- Flush and Check for Leaks
  • Faucets- Run and Check for Leaks 


Water Heater and Washer & Dryer– Visual Inspection 

Overall Interior:

Mold- Throughout Home
Pest Infestation- Throughout Home
Water Intrusion- Throughout Home


Exterior- As Requested to Illustrate Any Problem
Interior-As Requested to Illustrate Any Problem


A copy of our visit report can be emailed to you as requested along with any photographs of items that need attention.