1.  Why do I need your service?


Answer:  Wouldn’t you want a professional to handle any problems that may come up during your absence?


2.  Can’t I use a neighbor to watch my home?


Answer:  Do you really want to place that pressure and responsibility onto your neighbor just to save a few dollars?


3.   Why should I use a professional to manage my home?


Answer:  A professional Home Manager inspects many homes, each week.  They use a check-off sheet to confirm all of the many items in your home that need to be inspected for Safety and Maintenance


4.   If there are maintenance problems, how do they get repaired?


Answer:  We will promptly schedule services with one of our numerous reliable, repair contractors.


5.    How do we approve and pay for these repairs?


Answer:  After you have approved the repair and cost, either we will pay with our credit card and bill you or we can pay with your credit card. Either way, we do not add any extra charges to your bill. In some cases, owners authorize us to incur a certain amount of repairs,  in the event of emergencies without their approval.


6.     How do you know which repairman to call?


Answer:   We have established relationships with many different professional vendors throughout Coachella Valley and only use the best for our owners.


7.      Do you also handle Rentals?


Answer:     Yes, we have a very active rental program and are happy to provide you with a rental projection report for your property. 


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